image Checkers Anyone?

I have to admit to accidentally (this time) seeding an idea into Michael’s brain. With creative ideas, this is how our partnership works and this latest outcome is a superb example of how well it works. (big smile)

Through the heat of summer we find the most awesome breezy spot on our front eastern facing deck/porch. The wind blows through this afternoon/evening shaded position and almost leaves you feeling cold.

Sitting out there a few days ago I talked about how we could make an easy style, easy clean coffee table which would cope with living outside. I suggested that we could use a large floor tile as the size which meant no grout and a more easy fix.

Michael wasn’t content to go with that picture and his own creative juices began their magic. We spoke about making the top more fun and perhaps even a game board.

He went for a meandering wander through the hardware store and came home with small tiles in black, red and a dark beige for the border. He’d also found some ready-made legs (screw-on) and a piece of marine grade Formply to use as the base.


The actual checker pieces were created by shaping a simple square piece of timber with the planer, cutting to size and painting to suit. We’ve already had some great games on our new board table and look forward to more.

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Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA

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