image Summer Begins – update time

It’s officially summer here and the garden is mostly holding its own against the heat. Some plants are definitely over it and ready to be pulled out.

Today I’ve taken some general photos to give you an idea of where we’re at for the beginning of our hot, wet season.


This is the soon-to-be bean garden. We’re pushing things a little because I wanted to have a legume crop in this garden and am hoping that the shade sail will give the bean flowers enough relief to be able to set. Fingers crossed that Michael gets his butter beans.


Sunflowers will soon grace the two side boundaries and, because the ants seconded some of my seeds, there’ll be a staggered flowering season which isn’t such a bad thing where these beautiful flowers are concerned. Our Chookie-Babes (laying hens) love these and really enjoy eating them off the flower head once the seeds have been dried out a bit.


This general shot shows the leeks (to the left) ready to be pulled and used, probably as caramelized leeks, a brilliant addition to strong cheese on a cracker. On the front right you’ll see our new Greek style zucchini plants with the parsley garden up from there.


This last photo shows our new and vibrant Lebanese eggplant bushes and the soon to be removed snow peas (they didn’t really cope with the temperature changes). In the back ground is a garden with a very large celery bush and some yummy basil.

Our current vegetable garden is very much in transition as we get ready for a bit of a lull in production. Hot days and quite fierce storm cells are normal for this time of the year, generally followed by a humid rainy season. This is our time for feeding the garden and planning the next cycle.

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Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA


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