image Love Bubble Berry Tree

Alias Panama Berry (Muntingia calabura)

We were shopping at a favourite farm produce store (once again) when a tree ‘winked’ at us. Reading the label it made notes of caramelized strawberry flavor crossed with fig and we were completely sold right there and then.


The only gap in our garden for this relatively small tree was on the sunny side of the Chookie-babes (hens) night area, which meant they had some shade in the mornings if they wanted.

The tree loves it there and hasn’t competed with the surface growing herbs, so everything lives well together.


The berries are an Absolute Delight which is why I call them Love Bubble Berries, A client coined the term when one popped with sweet love inside his mouth.

This tree has a long summer fruiting period and we’ll pick a couple of handfuls a day at its peak. The berries don’t hold well, which means we have to eat them off the tree (oh dear, how sad) or at least that day. All up, it has done well in our small space. It provides an ongoing fruit food source and stays in place with a regular prune.


I have heard that this tree grows from the roots in some instances and I’ve reasoned that it may be when it’s growing in a harder area, clay or really heavy soil. We have sand and it has been able to grow an unrestricted root system plus I gave it fair warning about being a weed versus being a happy, productive member of our garden. 🙂


We love them, the bees love the flowers, friends and neighbours hang out for them, I’m sure you get the picture.

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Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA


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