image Agapanthus in the Chook Run

When we completed our Permaculture Design Course, our awesome teacher (see below) spoke about how you include something in your garden based on the amount of value it brings the system. I added one more Value to his list, and that’s JOY which is embedded into our property in many ways.


One of the joys in my walk just now was the agapanthus in the chooks (hens) area. When we cordoned off the big back garden for the chooks the jungle was already in place and two of the best cool spots in the summer for the girls are under the spider lilies and the agapanthus. They’ve made tracks under the cool green and that’s where you’ll find them on a hot day.


SO, here I am, sharing our agapanthus, which are just beginning their flowering spectacular.

Re our permaculture teacher, Geoff Lawton, you’ll find loads of worthy information if you follow his news. A good start would be HERE

One last thing, local slang for laying and meat hens down-under is Chooks and you’ll also hear me calling my girls Chookie-Babes. Just clarifying for you 🙂

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Thanks for joining me at Our Small Urban Farm, see you next time. LINDA


    • Hi Ian, I haven’t heard that they’re poisonous. Having said that, the plants were well established before the chooks arrived and I’ve noticed that they snack on the newer offshoots. Also, they snack on the variegated jasmine that decorates part of their run. This plant has white sap which I reckon signifies toxicity. Yet they still snack on the new shoots. No negative results ever, in the 5 years they’ve been in the run.


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