image New Office for the New Year

The new office kind of took us by surprise as it started with me mulling over what to do about the awful curtains. Curtains I had to look at every time I sat at my computer. Not creative inducing items. (chuckle)


This comment escalated really speedily into a complete office revamp with Michael convinced he wanted to pull up the genuinely disgusting blue carpet and lay tiles.


What has all this got to do with a Small Urban Farm? Atmosphere is important. Aesthetics are important. I especially value my view and my surroundings, as I’m an earth driven person.

Also, I wanted to let you know why it’s taken so long for the next blog post to appear. (more chuckles).


While not completed (we’re waiting for our cupboard people to come back from their Christmas break) the working space is awesome. We both enjoy how the work stations operate and just need time to adjust to where everything is now kept.


I’ll catch you up on the garden in the next post. We’ve had some heat and some hot winds which meant a bit more concentration on keeping the chooks cool and some late night watering on the garden.

I do hope your 2017 has begun well and that you’re looking forward to a successful year.

Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA

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