image Eggplants in my Garden


Eggplants just love this part of summer and with our bees doing their job we end up with a veritable plethora of the beautiful fruit.


When other plants are showing signs of heat stress our eggplant bushes are powering on.


We are blessed with many of the solitary bees in our garden and they find these sweet little flowers very attractive – thank goodness.


The first recipe we think off when the glut happens is Brinjal Pickle, a spicy mix perfect as an accompaniment for salads and cold meats, also on some sharp cheese as an hors d’oeuvres. (Brinjal is the Indian word for eggplants or aubergines.)


Brinjal Pickle Recipe

I’ve included the recipe here so that you can also try this savoury delight with your next glut. If you read towards the end of the recipe, you’ll also find a dip recipe using Brinjal Pickle and sour cream – mmmmmmm. Serve with corn chips and wait for the delighted taste buds.

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Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA



  1. Hi Linda,
    I was wondering if I could submit your recipe for Brinjal Pickle including your name/and or name of ( don’t know what you call it), to the ROGI newsletter…it would be of great benefit to our members with an abundance of eggplant…
    . I intend taking the dip to our next meeting in May… I love this recipe, particularly as a dip. Work colleagues and friends do too.
    I understand if you don’t want me to share…
    Redland Organic Growers Inc…….ROGI


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