image The Rain Came

Finally, after weeks of really hot weather, we got a break and a storm shared its might with us last night delivering almost 25mm (1”) of super charged water. We usually get regular rain and even a rainy season from mid-summer, so here’s hoping it’s underway now.

We sat outside through the storm, of course, enjoying the freshness of the air and the lighting effects. The garden LOVED it.


We’ve been nurturing seedlings for ages, wanting to plant them out but knowing that if we do they could fry. Then, over the weekend, I planted out some Lebanese cucumbers and spring onions (shallots). They look amazing after their rain bath.


I tried starting a few of my own lettuce seeds for the hydroponics, kept them in the coolest spot (outside of the fridge), and they even succumbed to the heat. So glad we can buy seedlings although I never have any trouble growing the hardier vegetables from seed.


These sweet potatoes were planted a couple of weeks ago have emerged strongly.


We have some strong plants from the Solanaceae family that give and give throughout the summer; our eggplants and these great tomatoes. The high winds did a little damage, but we know to tie them well as they grow, so our food is still safe and growing. I’m so glad the sunflowers were all picked as they wouldn’t have survived with their heavy seed heads.

So there you have it, a celebration of the rain and the difference it makes, even in a well-watered garden.

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Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA




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