image Perfect Timing

We’re smiling here right now.

The seedlings that I’ve been nurturing (it seems like forever) along through this heat have finally been planted. Three of our fallow gardens now have some productivity happening – YAY.

The back garden has three Greek zucchini plants, which will hopefully provide for us and some neighbours. In the foreground are some tomato bushes surrounded by basil. Off to the right is the cucumber garden which now also houses clumps of silverbeet seedlings.



On Sunday we tracked some rain that had dropped down from the tropical northern low/almost cyclone. Then we took a punt and planted out the seedlings and our neighbour washed his car to bring on the rain (chuckle). It worked!

We got a good 16mm of sodden heavy droplets, the best sort of rain for soaking the soil.


Even the pots of ginger have celebrated with rapid growth.

The Joy that happens when your garden receives the gift of rain just makes you Smile, doesn’t it.

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Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA

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