image We’re Trying Corn Again.

Over the past 6 years of growing on this Urban Farm we’ve grown corn very successfully, then we had some difficulties which dropped our corn confidence to zero.

Our Corn Patch

Firstly I bought into using our own corn seed to seed the next crop. This worked reasonably well for the first round but the second round was a dismal failure. The reason for this was that we’d started the cycle with F1 corn – a variety that had been manipulated to grow a particular way. (heavy sigh)

This step was a novice problem, I know, but I wanted to write about it for any newbies. You really can learn from someone else’s failures and genetically manipulated seed will not reproduce properly.

The next step was to choose heritage corn varieties which bought about our next failure – the swamp rats that live in our area also love corn, so they just climbed up the stalks and chomped merrily. They’re really cute looking things but we got over this fast.

We’ve solved that issue now with two stray puddy tats calling our place home. Just this morning I found the (bletch) remains of yet another rat kill on the patio. So, Go the Felines.

Puddy Tat Guardians

This brings me to Now and giving our next corn crop the best chance of success. The corn seed instructions suggested that we plant these seeds late Spring or early Summer, which always needs to be taken as a guide balanced with how gardens work in your area. We’re in a zone where our best growth is during the Winter months when the daytime temperatures are in the low to mid 20’s Celsius. (70 ish Farenheit), which makes now a great time to plant.

Corn 110317

We soaked the seeds overnight to begin the sprouting process. The garden was prepared by aerating and enriching the corn rows with worm castings and minerals. Then a frame was placed over the whole lot to keep it protected until the sprouts are stronger.

Our corn - sprout

We’re looking forward to the outcome and I’ll make sure to report back here on how it all went.

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Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA


  1. Hi there. Goodness planting corn now!! What a difference where you live makes. Ours is nearly all out the garden, vacuumed sealed and in the freezer. Planting now would freeze them before they got thru the ground. We had a good air frost last friday, which blew the pumpkins away, bit sad but Davey was late planting so they were hopeless anyway this year. We have had a frost in late January, and a couple since, so I feel it’s going to be a long cold one, but we have plenty of firewood stowed away, so it’s all good. 🙂 Love your blogs Nicky

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