image Transforming the Pathways

Today I want to begin the garden pathway story then at the end of this blog you’ll find an update on our corn.

We have four established central gardens with pathways between – the pathways being in a cross pattern. Initially we used cane mulch on the paths (we live in a sugar cane growing zone, so this is an inexpensive mulch), then we upgraded to decomposed granite, compacted and a lovely flat walking surface.

Pathways - Four Gardens


This style of fine loose gravel is also a beautiful bedding surface for stray seeds and now, after only a short time, we have an overgrown mass of plants we’d prefer not to have. Ha ha. (This is me trying not to call them weeds.)


Pathways -Weeds in the path

Yesterday we went on an adventure to an organic herb farm about 2 hours drive away in the hinterland off the Gold Coast. It was such fun and the owners of this farm (Mudbrick Cottage Herb Farm) were lovely and helpful. A little tree snake held the meet and greet position.


Of course the search for breakfast and a good coffee were all part of our adventure. Yummy nourishment was found in a family run Italian café. M-m-m-m-m



We’ve bought home a great collection of low growing herbs to use in the pathway (brahmi, Corsican mint, lawn chamomile, variegated thyme as well as licorice and bermagot) and we’ll get some large stepping pavers to help designate planting areas. I’ll give you an update on this once we’ve started this step.


Pathways - herbs


This corn has been in the ground for just 8 days and is strong. Because of a silly hot day last week it ended up soaking for almost 48 hours which didn’t do it any harm and possibly assisted germination. It looks like all of the seeds have sprouted. (smiles)

Pathways - corn update

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Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA


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