image Checking in after TC Debbie

We were very blessed yesterday as the storm that was TC Debbie washed its powerful way down the eastern coastline of Australia. All around us people experienced more destruction and power outages while we sat reasonably safe, hunkered down under the wind, and sent out our best thoughts to those needing it.

This morning I wandered out to organize 1) drying out the back patio and 2) seeing to the vegetable garden.

After TC Debbie 310317 (3)

SURPRISE. I was totally Not expecting this fresh new Lebanese cucumber to be hanging in what was the front of the stormy winds. The foliage around it is looking sad and yet this awesome little guy used the humidity and the storm to grow and grow.

After TC Debbie 310317 (1)

The tomatoes are a little blown about but they’re fairly new so no fruit to lose.

After TC Debbie 310317 (2)

The Greek zucchini bushes were also blown over but they’ve righted themselves and even have some new female flowers coming on.

After TC Debbie 310317 (6)

The final, and most wonderful surprise, was wandering over to the Dragon Fruit plant and finding A FLOWER BUD. I was convinced that this plant didn’t like where it was and was planning to move it. Now we’ll just have to wait and move it later. I am really looking forward to watching the flower grow on this and still need to do some learning about pollination and fruiting. Makes me smile though and that’s all we need.

After TC Debbie 310317 (5)

Our thoughts are most definitely with those in the north, where the cyclone crossed, and further south, where massive rains have caused flooding along the river catchment. Typically the skies today are clear and blue, with a fresh wind for drying everything out.

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Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA



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