image Chook Adventure

For the uninitiated, chooks are laying hens here in Australia and our adventure today involved bringing four point-of-lay hens home to add to the egg population as well as (hopefully) kick starting our older girls into some activity.

We’ve gone for the Lohmann variety as they may well be a hybrid breed but they really know how to lay. Our heritage breeds are more finickity with the long hot summer and the rain and the wind and whatever else they can dream up this year. (laughing) Can you sense a little frustration here?

Chooks home 090417 (2)

Where we live in Queensland, the coastal strip is populated but still close to the farming areas, so we only had to drive about 10 minutes away to reach the produce supplier.

Chooks home 090417 (6)

They had a great collection to choose from and Gabby from the produce store provided scissors so that we could complete a wing clip there which meant the girls only had one big stress point rather than another when we arrived home. We were soon on our way with our two boxes of chooks.

Chooks home 090417 (4)

These four new girls are spending the day in what we call the night area, as we can close it off to give them a safe spot for this first day. They can then roost with their new family which may make it easier the next morning. The chook run has loads of cover in the form of trees, agapanthus and spider lilly plants, so there’s heaps of protection from the big girls.

Chooks Home 090417 (11)

Our beautiful head girl, Lamb Shanks, is a Croad Langshan and she’s been very vocal about the newbies. She can just wait to meet them tonight.

Lamb Shanks Croad Langshan

These new girls are already very relaxed so we envisage no huge dilemma integrating them into our current small flock.

Chooks Home 090417 (10)

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Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA



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