image Dragon Fruit Flower

We’ve been a bit excited about the dragon fruit plant lately as, just after our tropical cyclone went through, the plant showed its very first signs of flowering. This plant is less than a year old and here, in the subtropics, we’ve found them a fast growing species.

After TC Debbie 310317 (7)


It was all a bit like watching for chickens, puppies or kittens to be born, checking the growth every morning and evening for progress.

Why do all of this checking? From my investigations into dragon fruit I knew that it flowered at night and wasn’t self-pollinating, we had to help this process with a soft little brush.


Dragon fruit 140417

What I didn’t read about was how long the flower head took to grow and how BIG it became. It’s a magnificent flower head.

Yesterday we noticed that the flower had started to explode out of its protective leafy surrounds and last night was the night of pollination. We had a lot of fun with this process and have learnt heaps about how the dragon fruit grow.

Dragonfruit 160417 (4)Dragonfruit 160417 (8)Dragonfruit 160417 (9)

This morning the flower was still looking amazing, with the filtered sunlight reaching it.

Dragonfruit 170417

Our dragon fruit is not in its prime position against a metal fence, as it likes to hold on, which makes timber the best support. Once this fruit has been picked (positivity here) we’re going to move it into a new garden with a strong timber pergola support. This should be fun so I’ll keep you posted.

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Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA


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