image Green Waste Council Bin


I remember making this huge statement when we were setting up our garden for productivity, that no green waste would leave the property. Hah and how’s that going for me you might ask? Not so good. Even though our climate composts things quickly, the sticks still remain sticks for a long time and when you don’t have a trailer or a tow ball, it gets tricky.

Council Bin 2

So, I was prompted by himself to call the council and arrange for a green bin pick up. It took three or more prompts I think, until I rang and found out that a green bin would cost me the not so huge amount of $60 per year and is collected fortnightly. WOW, that’s so reasonable. It costs us more than that for each ute hire, let alone the tip fees. So we had one delivered and the first collection was today. (smile)

For this first collection we’ve cleared out so many dead, sticky things, taken out a tree root and generally pruned back some of our hedge type bushes.

Council Bin 1

Chop’n’drop is still our catch cry, as it builds our sandy soil up and stops weed growth. Now we can operate this method with the green waste and the brown tree waste can be magically removed in the bin. Another Big Smile Here.

Why am I telling you this inane stuff? Because I think, in our wish to have a lighter footprint, we often make life too hard for ourselves by aiming for something that doesn’t fit. We’re only on a very small property (574 square meters) and holding onto really slow composting products just isn’t feasible. We all need to do what works for us, not for some other idea of life on a small urban farm.

Have FUN with your gardening; enJoy Spring or Autumn/Fall, wherever you are.

The featured image is of a bee having fun in the broccoli flowers. They love them so we aim to let some run to seed for this purpose. The bees love it and we love watching them.

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Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA



  1. Hi Linda, I have a similar sized block, but a lot of trees, so no Veges. I ran out of compost space and have collected around seven bins now. I have five tumblers, one useless drum that husband bought instead of a tumbler and a too-dry black compost bin that was too hard to turn, collecting skinks, frogs and redbacks. The best are the tumblers as they are easy to turn, don’t collect creatures and don’t dry out. If I don’t purge the yard, the five are sufficient, and I keep it breaking down by seeding with a quarter bin of compost and a top up of worm tea each week to boost the breakdown. Everything that goes in must be mulched. The weeds go in the council bin. Want to experiment with weed tea, but not there yet. Best wishes!

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