image Solar on the Farm

What an awesome day we had last Friday, the solar installation happened. YAY. We were unsure as it had been raining and I didn’t expect even these brave dudes to walk on a wet roof.

Solar install 120517 (1)

We’d completed the second coat of paint on the roof tiles a couple of weeks earlier to give the paint time to harden or set or whatever it is that roof paint needs to do. Our roof pitch is low, so easy enough to walk on.

Roof Painting 300417

The installation guys worked so well and within a short time had the main connections to the roof done.

Solar install 120517 (3)

Then it was all on, with the solar panels attached and the guys installation part all completed.

Solar install 120517 (5)

It’ll take a couple of weeks for the final connection to be made by the grid guys (Energex here in Queensland) and, as we are on an older analogue style system, it will be a bit more involved BUT the great news is that the solar is working and our old style meter is currently running backwards. How’s that!

Solar Install our meter box

We keep going to the new solar meter and checking on input, or checking on which appliance actually stops the meter wheel from running backwards. (I’m even smiling as I type this, it’s such cool fun) Our neighbour has a similar system and he receives a memorable amount back from his supplier from his back-to-grid system.

Solar Install 120517 (6)

The back-to-basics person that is me would have loved to be off the grid (sigh) but currently that would have taken sooooo much more energy than was worth investing.

Having said that, the company we went with (SolarKraft) is working to bring their customers a domestic style/size battery to back us up in the dark times and during power outages. This will be a major help with our hydroponics system and the planned for aquaponics system.

We’ll keep you informed.

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Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA


    • Hi Rhyl and thank for reading the blog. I’d be off the grid in a flash just am currently living in a very small block of land in total suburbia. I know it’s been proven possible but some things feel too hard. Also I know we can earn a quarterly refund on the feed into the grid. It’s a little compensation for staying on the radar 😁👏


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