image A Walk Around The Garden

Today we’re going for a ‘walk’ around the productive gardens of Our Small Urban Farm.

It’s our Autumn/Fall and one of my favourite times here in SE Queensland. The daytime temperatures are 22 – 26 degC (72 – 79 F) with the nights sitting around 15 – 17 degC (59-63 F). Clear, pleasant, blue skies and a little rain.

Perfect weather for growing our main crops.

Sunflowers facing the sun on our southern boundary.
Two kinds of broccoli. My standard one plus ‘Spring Rapini’, an Italian favourite used mainly for the sprouts and leaves. Looking forward to this one.
Corn in a Cage. We use the cage initially to protect seedlings then left it to protect the corn through high winds. Almost ready to pick now.
This basil has been awesome, providing us, neighbours and friends for a long time now. Time for more pesto?
Garlic – trying again to see if we can grow it into a larger bulb. 

I often plant quick growing radishes with other longer maturing plants like these cauliflower seedlings, seems like a good use of space.

Sweet Potato
Rampant sweet potato – we always have one or two gardens underway with this awesome, health giving plant.
Broad bean flower
This is what started off the blog today – the very first broad bean flower, yay. 

Have you ever tried eating the succulent broad bean tips? They taste amazingly like broad beans, ha ha. We often quick fry them in butter and garlic (salivating time) or you could add them to a stir fry. You don’t need to ‘hide’ them in a dish to bulk it out, rather make them king. Garlic buttered bean tips with poached eggs on sour dough dressed with basil pesto. M-m-m-m-m.

Hope you enjoyed this small wander through our garden. We only have one vacant bed currently which will soon be planted in a small growing capsicum. The passion fruit plant is totally loaded and growing madly while the Love Bubble Tree (panama berry) is feeling the cool change and has slowed down.

I love the ever changing face of our productive space and especially love sharing it with you.

If you’re enjoying this blog adventure then let us know by subscribing. Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA

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