image Things That Make Me Smile

There were so many things that bought me JOY and SMILES today which, after yesterday’s fraught day with our galah, Roxy, was such a blessing

The photos tell the story and I wish you great enjoyment in this wander through my happy day.


Roxy had an operation yesterday and has come through it in great spirits. While keeping an eye on her and enjoying our coffee (and chocolate fudge cookies) out on the back patio, we looked around at things that just made us smile.

Golden Orb 030617

The Golden Orb Spider – such a town spider with its web built around my garden structure and an outlook onto fences and houses. They’re an amazing and adapting kind of critter with that beautiful golden sheen to their web.


Then along the front of the property (where I won’t plant food because of puppies walking and doing what puppies do) we’ve planted flowering beds for the bees.


This was all watered in using our ground water which is lush and plentiful.

One of Michael’s missions today was to create and install a new slide out shelf generating an L-shaped work space area for ME. Big Tick. It looks really great. Thanks Michael.

Then tonight we included into our meal some freshly ferreted out sweet potatoes (for a mash with pumpkin and garlic YUM) and the very first tips picked from the broad beans tossed in garlic butter. Best ever.

Can you see why I labeled this blog The Things That Make Me Smile? So much JOY in my world today.

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Thanks for joining me at Our Small Farm, see you next time. LINDA


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