image Chicken Nipples

Ok, not exactly chicken nipples, rather they are water feed nipples.

Michael got all creative and made the girls a self watering feed.

They’re a bit wary of it yet, but they’ll figure it all out. They were happy to take the drips I made come from it but head chook, Lambshanks (a croad langshan), was guarding it until she had decided it wasn’t the enemy. 😂

Man those Chookie-Babes give us such a lot of laughs. Below is Queenie, eyeing up the drips.

We’re having a public holiday today along with the first rain in ages. So it’s a beautiful gentle day. Have a wonderful week and thanks for following us and sharing our stories.


  1. Hiya. Good drippers shouldn’t drip! I had drippers, and found some hens had difficulty using them. I noted that some drippers move side to side when the hens touch it. The ones I had didn’t. I took the leap and got horizontal drippers. Fantastic! And I can have them a different heights for my mixed flock. Easier to install too. No special thread needed. Hope your droppers work for you.


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