image Planting by the Moon

I went to a talk recently, at my local Garden and Pet Centre (in Caloundra, for the locals), and the speaker was Ann from The Micro Gardener.

Her link is

Ann reminded me of the Moon Planting Guide, which has us planting root crops on the Full Moon and leafy ones on the New Moon.

I had deliberately kept one garden for some winter (ha ha, this is Queensland) root crops and since the full moon is officially tomorrow, I went ahead with the planting today.

Follow-up photos will come, so remind me if you haven’t seen them.

It’s a fairly busy garden with main rows of carrot and beetroot. Small interplanted spring onions and radishes backed by the snow peas along the back.

A healthy garden mix and one we’ll enjoy eating. But let’s not get too far ahead.

Wishing you JOY in your world.


  1. Hi. Am I ready my Moon Calendar incorrectly? I have mine from Ann. But I read it that I a shouldn’t plant root crops till 4-5 th and 11-12 th May.. I will have to check.,l

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