image Sunday Wandering

I love the time spent wandering in the garden and wanted to share some joy with you today.

The above picture is of Holy Basil, or Tulsi.

It’s an amazing herb (the bee’s Love it) with such a great scent that I wanted to grow it on myself to share with friends. See my successful seedlings, yay.

The original plant came from the great team at Green Harvest in Queensland and their specific link to this plant is

One day we had a heavy storm and the scent came into the patio area as the raindrops bruised the leaves.

Isabel Shipard was a local herbalist with international renown. Her website link is below. I love her book and the information on Tulsi is huge. There’s even a free herb information section on the website.

The Lebanese eggplant bushes have started their run, something that makes me smile. More Brinjal Chutney soon. Today I sliced some in half lengthwise and pan fried them with some halloumi, mushrooms and eggs for a quick, yummy lunch.

Wishing you JOY in your day.

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