image Unique Dried Herb Mix

For some time now I’ve been creating our own dried herb mix. This process happens when I see an abundance plus have the mind set to complete the task.

Recently I not only picked the herbs, I took photos of it all for your enjoyment.

The first collective photo is of the following:

  • Smaller amounts of rosemary, french tarragon and mint
  • A full layer of oregano
  • A full layer of parsley
  • A full layer of thyme – since we love the abundance of Time/thyme
  • Then below is the Sage – I would have doubled this amount if available

Herb Layers


Here they all are stacked in the least expensive dehydrator around – one which we’ve had for an age, which works amazingly well.

Herb layers in the dehydrator

Once the herbs are dry I gently rub them off the stalks, making sure to take out sticks etc. Then I rub them together some more while mixing. I’m happy with this outcome and if I need a smoother mix at cooking time I just squish them some more.

Now for the big reveal. What do we finally end up with once the herbs have completely dried out? Which, by the way, took around 10 hours in the machine.

Herbs in a jar

Answer: one 250ml salsa jar or well packed fried herbs. Concentrated flavour and a ‘gift that keeps on giving’.

Wishing you Joy in your day.

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