image Thank You Cardboard

Plain cardboard gets saved for the garden on this sandy urban farm.

One out-of-hand area is gently being reclaimed using:

  • A small piece of time
  • The blessed cardboard
  • And sugar cane mulch

In this way I’ll find the floor of the front orchard again and (once finished) top the whole lot off with a deep layer of hoop pine mulch. A favourite as it’s not a dry, dry bark mulch and seems to keep a tree and bush garden happily weed free.

Here’s a peek at the task ahead.

And this is how the weeding stays weeded. 😊👍

This is the progress from 3 of those small time slots. Oh, and the time slots are not small because I’m busy, it’s because I can’t face anything longer. 😊😊😊

These bushes and trees give privacy to our front deck spot in the summer breeze. Kaffir lime, Tahitian lime, curry leaf tree alongside a Port Wine Magnolia and some small growing Lilly Pilly bushes.

So any work completed here improves my view immensely.

Wishing you a Joy filled week.

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