image Random Update

Last Friday we went for a drive up into the hinterland. It’s green and gentle and houses Green Harvest, a permaculture based garden centre in a small town called Witta.

Came away with some new sweet potato seedlings, which are already flowering, a red paw paw plant (papaya) and a seed mix called Clucker Tucker.

This seed mix grows fresh greens for hens and we’ve figured out a brilliant way to protect it between ravages utilizing one of the aluminium garden frames.

The seeds were surface spread on Friday afternoon and by Monday they were up and running.

While we’re in the Chooks Run, I’ll introduce you to Shadow. She’s just started laying and is the friendliest of hens. Michael gives her cuddles and she purrs. 😊

A regular visitor has been the Mumma Heron and today one of her babies strutted through, checking the moving restaurant that our garden offers.

Lastly, I wanted to share with you the magic of mint. Every now and then the mint looks straggley and dying. My proven method of resuscitation is to chop it with a spade, sprinkle good soil mix over it and cover with mulch. Water well daily and watch it happen.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this garden wander.

Sending you Joy for your week.

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