image Changes Changes Changes

Oh, our poor Chookie-Babes just don’t like change.

We were looking out over the garden one coffee break and had the same realisation. If we moved the chooks night area then Michael could dismantle the existing old shed and make himself a new Man Shed. Yeah!

The first steps involved changing things for the girls and they were not happy. Three nights now we’ve had to help someone up onto the roost as they just lost the plot. (Sigh)

There’s hope that tonight all will be good.

We found online help for the roost measurements and it all works. They like facing outwards. 😊

To add to the drama, we used an idea by Rob Bob’s Aquaponics for a really cool seed dispenser. One that inhibits feral use. I’ve put the link at the end. He has some awesome ideas.

The girls had to figure out that this new idea wasn’t scary. But they’re good with it.

There’ll be a grit dispenser soon as well.

So there you have it. How a cheap shed became a new Chookarium in the shade for the girls. Plus, if you look at the photo, using a tool box for the nest box. Clever Man.

Much Joy to you now and for 2019

Rob Bob’s Aquaponics link

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