image Mid Summer Round Up

The temperatures are a bit hot for many plants so we play a bit with the types which will cope. Plus our central summer shade cover is awesome.

This patch is for yummy Greek style zucchini as all neighbours accept excess of that.

The corn patch is well along in growth so I felt Very Organised today when I planted a follow up crop. The corn plants seem to just Zoom after I ‘hill up’ with some extra good soil.

The sweet potatoes are looking great.

And this empty garden will have Lebanese cucumber and capsicum seedlings by early evening, in the cool.

That’s a rampant Brahmi herb along the pathway. It has a huge list of healthy benefits and obviously likes growing here.

Wishingy in your Garden


  1. Looking at your lovely raised garden beds. Do you have couch grass at all?
    I have trouble keeping couch grass from invading the beds. Any tips?


    • Couch grass is a bit of a journey huh.
      My system is to burrow as far as I can for the roots then, where possible, use boiling water on any new growth.
      My heavy cardboard and cane mulch strategy works well too, backed up with the boiling water trick.
      Yep, it’s ongoing. šŸ¤”šŸ˜Š


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