image It’s Been A While

Yep, it really has been a while since I last posted about the Urban Farm.

We had a couple of failures over the last 2 months with heavy rain drowning my root crop seeds then new seedlings dying on me.

I gave up on the root crops this time round and investigated the soil.Seems we’ve turned our sandy plot into heavy, worm driven garden soil. Woo Hoo.

This just means we have to plant seedlings into a friable mix so they can grow down into the other. That’s my solution anyway and we’ll see how it goes.

It’s once again in the middle of the Moon Planting time so I decided on seedlings again. Seeds have missed my green thumb. LOL.Here’s my successful garden pathThe plants that made it through the rain and beside them lives the best crop of ginger.Michael updated the Chookie-Babes area and now they’re truly urban chooks with pool type fencing, a well loved nesting box and new sheltered roost.The passion fruit has been amazing this year but the cooler temperatures caused the second crop to mostly drop. We’re getting some ripe beauties though.Lastly the red paw paw or papaya. Looking forward to eating some of these.

Ok, hope your weekend is awesome. Time for coffee I’m thinking.

Joy and blessings from Linda and the Urban Farm crew

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