image It’s Been A While

An update is long overdue and lots has been happening here ‘on the farm.

Most has been recorded in photographic form so I’ll unwrap it as we go.

We moved the pond as it was always slimey green from too much sun. It’s very happy with the new position.

Our boundary fences were almost 30 years old and possibly only held together with spider webbing. 😊

So over the course of only a month we’d replaced them with new ones. Strong and enduring.

This gave us the ability to finally formalize the side front garden, yay. So here you see a lemon scented turtle (For the yummy leaf tea), a pretty purple tibochina and scented gardenia . All underplanted with hardy gazanias for colour.

It’s our plan to appear ‘normal’ on the street side 😆

Finally a picture of one of our Blue Tongue Lizard tribe. Our mild winter has already waned with the earth warming and these critters appearing for their Sunbaking Time. They have no fear of us, the cat or the chookie-babes

Thanks so much for supporting this blog sharing and I’ll catch you all again next update. Sending JOY to You on this beautiful day

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