The Kidz’N’Critters stories have all come about as I photograph the different critters involved and I’ve enjoyed sharing them with children as both stories and activities.

My latest colour in is of the Fairy Party and you can get it here. Just right click the picture and ‘save as’. Have FUN.

Fairy Party colour in 700x1100


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The Pigeon The Parrot & The Seed

The Pigeon, The Parrot & The Seed
A fun story about these critters who live on Molloy Island in Western Australia.
You can watch it on YouTube here:
A fun journey through a worm’s life, the story with its garden theme shares the basics of earth care in a fun and colourful way. This pdf is a storytelling and colour in book.
Front Page
This is a beautiful story about friendship and adventure. The illustrations bring this story to life and the actions of coloring these pages in will bring the magic of fairies into any child’s world.